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Mail Order Bride Leah

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Mail Order Bride Leah I’m a fiction writer, Rose Jenster, and love to write books about women seeking happiness in love by┬áleaving their difficult circumstances. My books are focusing now on the 19th century and the trials of women on the east coast who adventure out west to Montana. This took tremendous courage and often created a rift with one’s parents and family.

Not only is a young woman dealing with fears of being alone her whole life and the apprehensions of going west, but also there can often be rejection from one’s family for taking this kind of leap. This will be four or five stand-alone books, but also with some connections between characters as the series develops. Each book however can be read without reading the other ones.

In the first book of the series, “Mail Order Bride Leah” (click here) , we meet Leah who is a school teacher in Albany. She is saddened by the death of her mother and the decline mentally of her father (which resulted in his business failing). Leah does not want to live at her brother’s family’s home and be a burden. Her brother’s wife, Jane, told Leah that her sister found happiness by answering a mail order bride ad. We watch Leah’s journey in reading and answering ads and developing feelings for a man she corresponds with from Montana.

Leah did not expect her brother’s disapproval about meeting the man she developed strong feelings for and we get to experience her dealing with his rejection, adventure out west and the physical and emotional trials that she goes through in sorting out this new experience. Why does the man that she felt so close with by mail change in person? What creates his distance and can this gap be bridged? Who is the person from the past that haunts him? Read more about Leah’s trip out west and how it turns out for her HERE.

If you’ve already read about Leah’s story, Book 2 is also available. It is here, “Mail Order Bride Tess“. I’ll describe it more in the next post. The second book involves another woman from Albany, NY and her journey to find love and happiness.


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