Albany Girls Will Be Meeting

I am working on book 4 and there will be a little reunion of the Albany girls in Montana so wanted to let you know this! There will be a new couple in book 4 too that develops their own relationship. I am hoping it will be out by end of August or very early September. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, please do as I will announce it there when it’s out (and of course on the blog too).

It is so nice to see so many people enjoying sweet romances and feel free to comment or write me at with any thoughts you have.

If you want to join the mailing list to get updates on new releases, free stories and extra tidbits, just sign up below. I’ll let you know when book 4 comes out. I am thinking of some ideas for it now!

9 thoughts on “Albany Girls Will Be Meeting

  1. Oh, now I see you have a newsletter. Great, as I want to know when the book after Mail Order Husband Frank is released! Thank you so mucho.

    1. Suzette,

      Mail Order Husband Frank is released but I didn’t get a chance to mention it on the blog till now! I am sorry. I did send out a newsletter announcement and I’m glad you signed up. You’ll be alerted when the next book is released. I am hoping book 5 will be out before Christmas. Thank you for signing up to the newsletter.

      Enjoy Thanksgiving,

  2. Dear Rose,

    I really was moved by the story of Charlotte and Frank in Mail Order Husband Frank. Even though it is historical fiction romance, he reminds me a lot of my husband and I actually got some tips on how to talk to him to get him and be able to not be so direct!

    Your Fan,

  3. I love the integrity of the characters in your books! The girls have all had a lot of hardships and losses but come out strong and keep their senses of humor even when things are very dark in their lives.

    Thank you for these books which uplift me and make me happy!

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Ms. Jenster,

    Thank you for these books about the Albany girls- Leah, Tess and Felicity. They were uplifting and beautifully written. I will read all your books!

    Kay- A Fan!

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for reading and enjoying the books. I just added you to the mailing list too. I have the subscribe form on a few of the posts but will now add it to this one too for others. You sound like a top grandma!


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